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Sharing in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm means that you are investing in a community of people that values land stewardship, family farms, access to nutritious food, and a socially just economy. Investing in a CSA with Lonely Oak Farm means becoming part of a vibrant, healthy farm that not only provides you with good food, but fellowship and farmlife experiences. By joining a CSA with Lonely Oak Farm, you are an integral part of our farms journey—sharing in the risks and rewards of being a part of our farm. 

CSA Shares:

*Each share includes a copy of the weekly farm newsletter “Hay There!” which includes recipes, farm updates, and a description of what’s in your CSA delivery.
*Farm events will be held for CSA members including dinners, U-pick opportunities and more
*CSA is estimated to begin the second week of June.
*Delivery day will be Thursday. 
*Drop Sites:
-Wisconsin Rapids @  Family Natural Foods (910 W Grand Ave.)
-Wausau @ 1332 Crescent Dr.
-Stevens Point @ Agora (1008 Main St.)
-Milladore @  Lonely Oak Farm (11946 County Road S)
-Marshfield @ Hewitts Meat (210 Downwind Dr.)

Full Produce Share—20 weeks--$525. Each week you will receive 5/9 bushel of fresh produce—harvested at its very peak of flavor. This is about 2 grocery bags full of veggies—perfect for a family. You may pay in full, or give us ten checks to be cashed every two weeks during the season. 

Half Produce Share—20 weeks--$315. A 3/8 bushel of mouthwatering fruits and veggies sized for one or two people delivered weekly. This will be delivered in grocery-sized paper bags to save costs on packaging.

Egg Share—20 weeks— $85. One dozen cage-free, organically fed eggs from Lonely Oak hens delivered weekly. Only available with a produce share. 

Full Coffee Share—20 weeks—$200. 1 quart of medium or dark roasted coffee delivered weekly with produce.
Half Coffee Share—20 weeks—$100. 1 pint of medium or dark roasted coffee delivered weekly with produce.
**Make coffee checks out to Liberation Farmers**
Liberation Farmers Direct Trade Coffee is run by Holly Petrillo and John Sheffy from Almond, WI. To find more information about their operation, check out their website: 
**If you are already a member of Holly and John's Coffee CSA, let us know and we can get your coffee transferred to our produce drop site!

Cheese Share—10 weeks—$60. 1 lb of cheese delivered bi-weekly with produce. 
Maple Grove is one of the last remaining neighborhood cheese factories in our area. The Gruenke family has owned this business for over 100 years, and are dedicated to supporting small dairy farms in the Milladore area. Your 1 lb. block of cheese variety will vary week to week. 

Bread Share-20 weeks-$125. Rural Uprising sourdough bread, handcrafted on our farm, baked in a wood fired stone hearth. A different variety each week delivered to your drop site.

Milk Share-20 weeks-$175. One gallon (two half gallon bottles) from Cover Meadows Family Farm per week. Clover Meadows Family Farm is located near Athens, WI, and raises a small herd of dairy cows that are grass-fed, and produce A2 whole milk. (Not available for CSA members with Wisconsin Rapids pick-up location).

Flower Share-16 weeks-$90. One bouquet every other week, beginning in July. Flowers grown and arranged by Terri Rossiter from Just Picked Flowers. You might have seen some of her beautiful bouquets at Brunch on the Farm in 2018!

Meat Share- Model is in the works. Plans to have a meat drop-off at our sites once a month. Sign up online for which cuts and quantity you want, and order will be dropped off with your regular weekly CSA. Only available to CSA members. More information will be available in the coming weeks.